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Healthy Eats
& Tasty Treats!


We only use 100% Pure Avocado Oil by Chosen Foods and extra virgin olive oil. We do not add industrial seed oils or added refined sugar to any of our food or beverages. You & your family will enjoy our delicious food, without the worries of harmful effects of highly processed oils extracted from the seeds of various plants like soybeans, corn, rapeseed (the source of canola oil), cottonseed, and safflower seeds.

We offer breakfast, lunch & diner; salads, Acai bowls, smoothies, fresh juices, protein shakes, and healthy snacks. Made with fresh ingredients, our food & beverages are packed with healthy fats and nutrient-rich ingredients to power you through your day. We take pride in balancing wellness and flavor at our restaurant to improve your mood, your productivity and your energy level.

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